Friday, April 10, 2015

I worked for Smart Circle under the guise of a company called Results Consulting Group, and the "owner" there was Mike DeFazio. We sold Verizon Fios door to door in the West Chester area.

First of all, they lie to you from the start to get you in there for an interview. I was under the belief I had an interview with Verizon Fios for a job position that was salary pay (40,000-60,000 per year), I even emailed the recruiter to confirm this was true and she said it was. When I got there I knew right away it was another shady marketing company, but I was in such a desperate need of a job at the time I decided to give it a chance. The fact that they felt they had to mislead me to get me to go door to door on 100% commission to sell a product didn't bother me as much as the fact that the "owner" had complete control over my time and money and illegally threatened to steal from my earnings in the form of fines for not adhering to his demands motivated solely by greed. He made the same threats to my coworkers as well and one of them was so pathetically brainwashed by this man that he actually welcomed the fines so he could be a better sales slave...BE WARNED: You will make dirt money and be expected to work 6 12-15 hour days a week and 7 days if you do not hit your sales goal. You will be expected to use your own vehicle to drive to peoples' homes and cold knock. You will be taught lies about your product so that people will be more likely to sign up. You will be expected to solicit their products township to township without proper licensing or permitting so you could potentially be at risk of spending the night in jail or at the very least a big fat fine that in all probability you will have to pay out of your own pocket. You will be subject to abuse in ways you never thought possible.

 I have to say after walking away from this scam It did open my eyes to the importance of a steady income and job security. These people (in Smart Circle) would sacrifice their credit, relationships, time with family all to chase the dream that one day they would be regional consultants racking in millions a year and laughing at hard working employees in the process, even though every single one of them were broke. The "owners" in my building did their best to convince us that they were rich and justified the fact that they both drove piece of crap cars with that they wanted to achieve multi-millionaire status before "changing their lifestyles." First they reel you in with out right lies and proceed to build your confidence by praising you as a sales prodigy, brain wash you, and keep you around under the pretext that they are the living, breathing examples of success in Smart Circle and that once you get to ownership its all smooth sailing from there financially. I was with the company long enough to realize that once you get to ownership the real problems begin. First off, they lead you to believe that once you become an owner you can open up in whatever city you want and be your own boss there. In all actuality you have to go exactly where Smart Circle decides, which will be dependent on what areas are newly lit up for Verizon Fios (I'm just using the Verizon campaign as an example), which could very well be in the middle of Nowheresville, Nebraska. Smart Circle will also be able to shut you down and have access to your "company's" funds whenever they please if certain problems arise. (Mike DeFazio was recently shut down and I hear he is now selling coloring books on the streets of New Jersey with his team of brainwashed sales slaves, continuing to ruin their futures and hurting them physically, emotionally and psychologically). Turns out a regular salary or hourly paying job isn't nearly as fragile as a career with this company, despite what they would like you to believe and preach to you on a daily basis. No matter how hard you work, as enthusiastic or charismatic you are, if you are not well liked by the corrupt "higher ups" and aren't 100% in on the scam and have zero remorse about ruining numerous peoples' lives by lying to them and manipulating them on a daily basis you will not make it far at all.

So you will be expected to uproot your entire existence and sacrifice whatever financial security, friendships, relationships and credit fitness you have if you decide to pursue a career with this company. Then you have to succeed at getting others to sacrifice whatever financial security, friendships, relationships and credit fitness they have just so you in turn can make a buck. It's a vicious cycle. And take note that only the weak-willed will allow themselves to be permanently suckered into Scam Circle and their affiliated companies all while sacrificing their morals and their conscience for a cult-like and greed-driven mentality.
I was only it in 6 months, I can't even begin to imagine how corrupt, illegal and downright evil this company really is from the top. If I ever make it to public office or find myself in some position of more widespread influence, I will highly publicize and expose the inner workings of this corporate abomination.